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    Consulting on Demand

    With a unique business model based on our online ecosystem of top talent and knowledge, ICG is disrupting the global consulting industry.

    Streamlining the Process

    The Problem: Businesses wanted to engage the best available fit-for-purpose consultant/s as soon as possible.

    The Solution: Thanks to ICG’s patented online process, a consultant with the required specific knowledge and experience can start work in as little as 72 hours. Our process quickly matches your requirements to the top talent available across our global network of consultants.

    Unbundling Consultancy Services

    The Problem: Businesses wanted more flexibility in consulting – to choose only the services they need, rather than a package deal.

    The Solution: With ICG, clients have control and can unbundle and rebundle consulting services as they see fit. ICG doesn’t enforce an unnecessary pyramid structure of partners, managers and juniors when not required.

    Improving the Bottom Line

    The Problem: Businesses wanted to save money on consulting services.

    The Solution: ICG has virtually no fixed costs. As on online talent and knowledge ecosystem, ICG has been able to slash the cost of consultancy services because it doesn’t have the cost of corporate offices, consultants on the bench and partner bonuses.  This means we typically charge 30-50% relative to traditional firms, and the majority of the consulting fee goes to paying the top talent you require.

    The ICG Difference

    With both business clients and consultants reaping the rewards, ICG is rapidly expanding to become a global talent and knowledge ecosystem with hubs now located in Australia, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

    Our Practice Mix